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A/B Testing

Easily create weighted variations of your app to test new features & ideas.

Multivariate Testing

Quickly discover which changes maximize your conversion rate and then commit those changes.

Immediate Rollout

Rollout your best performing variation to all of your users without submitting to Apple.

iOS and Android Libraries

Easily integrate Bestly with your native iOS application (no HTML, no webviews). Android coming soon.

Create and Control Experiments

Use our dashboard to create experiments and control them on the fly.

Real Time User Behavior

As soon as we know, you know. See your experiment's results in real time.

What is Bestly?

It's an easy to use A/B testing tool that allows you to create and distribute different versions of your app and then see which version produces maximum conversion rate. Integrating our A/B testing library is dead-simple: copy-paste a code snippet in your app and you are ready to go live!

With so many features in Bestly, you can be sure that all your conversion rate optimization activities are covered by our product. Many companies are using our A/B testing software for mobile app optimization, improving conversion rates again and again. Sign up for a FREE 14 day trial today.

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